Creativity at work

​​St Mary of the Cross MacKillop’s love for children is alive in the eyes of three young artists from St Joseph’s.  This year for her feast day, Brisbane Archdiocese reached out to St Joseph';s to source an image of St Mary to be used on invitations and Mass booklets.

Three Year 5 students  – Lily, Catarina and Rohan – answered the call by giving up their lunch times to produce their artworks.   All three artists had put a lot of thought and effort into their works and all of them loved being creative.  

When Lily was planning her artwork, she said she thought about how much St Mary MacKillop cared for others.  She focused on how that might fit into her artwork.   She also included tongues of fire, representing the Holy Spirit, as well as the Cross to represent the Resurrection.  “Why I love art – when I have a tough time, I find my clipboard and my pens and I just let my emotions escape into the paper,” she said.

Rohan thought about how St Mary MacKillop “always helps people in need” and included a girl in his artwork who represents the poor children she had helped.  His art had a deep connection to his faith journey.  “I was only baptised and had my sacraments last year, and I love art, I thought this could be a good link for me to do artwork as well as with my Catholic journey,” he said.   He loves art because it makes him feel free.   “I just love creating,” he said.

Catarina, whose artwork was noted for its “peaceful atmosphere” and symmetry, said she loved art because it was a way to express herself.  “It makes you feel free from everything else that’s happening in life,” she said. 

The artworks will be seen by hundreds of people gathering at St Stephen’s Cathedral for the feast of St Mary of the Cross on August 8.​


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