Student Leadership

At St Joseph's, we firmly believe in fostering leadership skills among our students, providing them with a range of opportunities to grow and excel. To kickstart their leadership journey, senior students take part in a dynamic Leadership Day at the start of the academic year.

We instil in our students the idea that leadership is all about serving the school community. As Year Six students, they are actively engaged in one of the four ministries of service within the school, which are:

  • Community Engagement
  • Pastoral Care
  • Environmental
  • Sports

These ministries offer a platform for our young leaders to proactively contribute to various aspects of school life. Through their ministry commitments, our students develop essential organisational, communication, and social skills, preparing them for the challenges and responsibilities that lie ahead.

Throughout the year, Year Six students shoulder significant leadership duties, including giving votes of thanks, taking on special tasks during school events, leading Monday morning assemblies, leading the whole school in the daily Mary MacKillop prayer time, and performing hospitality tasks during special occasions.

By actively involving our students in these leadership roles, we aim to nurture their confidence, sense of responsibility, and teamwork abilities. Our primary school is dedicated to empowering our young leaders to make a positive impact on the school community and beyond. Through service-oriented leadership, we help them realize their potential and grow into well-rounded individuals prepared for future success.