St Joseph's Primary have embraced the rapid and continuing progress in information and communication technologies, which is revolutionising the way students share, use, develop, and process information and technology.

In this digital age, we recognise the utmost importance of equipping young people with highly advanced technology skills. To achieve this goal, our school proudly integrates a range of cutting-edge devices, including iPads, digital systems and interactive technology tools. These resources play a crucial role in enhancing collaboration and engagement among students, empowering them in their learning practices.

Our commitment to providing students with the best tools for academic growth is evident through our 1:1 iPad program. This program grants all students from Years 1 to 6 access to their own iPads, leveraging digital technologies to offer practical opportunities for innovation and knowledge development.

While embracing the potential of technology, we also recognize the importance of cultivating responsible digital citizenship skills. In line with this vision, we prioritise teaching our students how to engage positively and safely in the online world. We believe that being responsible in the use of technologies is a fundamental aspect of becoming well-rounded and informed digital citizens.

By embracing the ever-changing ICT capabilities, St Joseph's is dedicated to preparing students for the digital future, where technological proficiency and digital responsibility go hand in hand.