Parents as Partners

​​At St Joseph’s we acknowledge that the learning journey begins well before children enter school, and once children are attending school, they continue to learn at home, and in the community.  Parents play a critical role in providing learning opportunities at home and in linking what children learn at school with what happens elsewhere.  Parental attitudes, behaviours, and actions in relation to their children’s education have a substantial impact on student learning achievement and success.

The Parent and Visitors Code of Conduct clarifies and affirms the standards of behaviour expected of parents and visitors to our BCE schools. It is designed to support Principals and Leadership Teams to work in partnership with the community to promote positive relationships.

​ Code-of-Conduct-for-Parents-and-Visitors.pdf

We encourage parents to be involved in the school life of St Joseph’s.  Some of the avenues through which parents can support their child’s education are:​

  • Parent Forums
  • Classroom activities and excursions
  • School Liturgies & Celebrations
  • Assemblies
  • Tuckshop Roster
  • Sporting Carnivals and sports training
  • Library assistance – book covering
  • ​Literacy