Volunteer Liturgy

On Friday, the 13th of October, the St Joseph's community came together to celebrate the outstanding contributions of our cherished parent volunteers. It was a day filled with gratitude and appreciation for the selfless efforts that make our school a truly special place.​

From lending a helping hand in reading programs to ensuring the success of memorable excursions, from adding vibrancy to community events to the dedication shown during working bees, and of course, the warm smiles at our tuckshop – our volunteers shine in every role they play. We particularly thanked Mrs Allen and Mrs Deller.

The liturgy was a touching tribute, echoing the sentiments of our entire school community. Each volunteer was acknowledged for their time, dedication, and the love they pour into making St Joseph's a place where every child can flourish.​

Thank you to all who joined us on this special day. Your presence and contributions are the heartbeat of our St Joseph's family.


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