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Food for thought:
Do not be afraid … Let love guide you in all your life.
- Mary MacKillop

October 26, 2017: Making Jesus Real
Here at St Joseph's School, we often talk about ways we can Make Jesus Real.  It's about the way we  greet  people,  speak  to people and treat people,  not just  those we like, but those we live with  and take for granted; those we see frequently; those we pass as we go about each day; and those we don't even know.


Last week, our community reached out generously to support Catholic Missions through our "Sock it to Poverty - Coinline".  

The MacKillop team reached a length of 25.4m, with Penola pipping them at the post with 26.9m.  A fantastic effort saw $500 raised.  Thank you to everyone for helping out!  

October 11, 2017: Collaboration with Autism Qld
We have recently entered into an agreement with Autism Qld for an Autism consultant to work with staff, parents and students to enhance the learning outcomes of our students.  This support will be on a weekly basis and continue into 2018.  Many of the strategies which support students with autism spectrum disorder are also beneficial for all students.  It is a positive partnership for all involved.    

October 4, 2017: October: Mission Month
Because Jesus' mission of creating a world where all can live a fully dignified life is still a long way off and because this mission is central to the Catholic Church. The whole month of October has been dedicated to reflection in the hope that all the baptised will be always more committed to Christ's mission of salvation for the world.  Here at St Joseph's we will have a special focus day on Thursday 19th October to raise awareness of the need for missionary work, to pray for missionary needs and to raise funds for Catholic Mission.  Children will be invited to wear crazy socks (Socktober!) and bring along lots of coins to add to our fundraising Coin Line.  Penola and MacKillop teams will compete against each other to see which team can build the longest line and which can raise the most money.  

October 4, 2017: The Rosary
In October, Catholics celebrate the month of the Rosary.  At school, classes are taking time to learn more about the Rosary and how to pray the Rosary by meditating on Jesus' life.  During our daily whole school prayer time, we are praying the most common prayer of the Rosary, the Hail Mary.  You might like to take the time to pray a Hail Mary or even a whole Rosary together as a family.  You might like to follow this link to a web page that explains how to pray the Rosary:  Click Here

August 23, 2017: School Landscape Plans
We are currently progressing the next stage of the Master Plan for our school grounds which is the driveway area between Prep and the Josephite Learning Centre.  These were discussed at last month’s P&F meeting.   A copy of the original concepts put forward by the Landscape Architect are accessible via the link below:
» Landscape Plans

August 16, 2017: Book Week 2017
Book Week:  August 28th-September 1st. The theme is “Escape to Everywhere”.

Dress-Up Day - Friday September 1st. Children can dress-up, if they wish, as a book character or on the theme of travel.

Book Swap. During Book Week we will be holding a book swap for indigenous literacy. Families can send in to the library any unwanted books from home. These can be swapped for a gold coin per book. Funds raised go towards providing books and literacy programs for remote communities. For more information see https://www.indigenousliteracyfoundation.org.au/

August 9, 2017: Congratulations Penola
Congratulations to the winning Penola Team and to all the many grinners and winners on the day – children showing great sportsmanship, giving their best, congratulating and encouraging one another to have a go, working as a team, showing lots of persistence and resilience.  The MacKillop Team were awarded the Team Spirit Trophy.  Well done to all. Thank you to the staff for their efforts in ensuring the day ran smoothly.  Well done especially to Codey Lee for the preparation and coordination of the carnival. Our sincerest gratitude goes to those wonderful parents and grandparents who come and support our Athletics Carnival – those who help set up, judge races, help supervise class events with the teachers, man the long jump pit and pack up at the end of the day.  Thank you - we could not have done it without you.    

August 2, 2017: Fantastic Arts Festival
Thank you so much for supporting the arts festival - Arts Fusion and helping to make the evening a fabulous family celebration of our enthusiastic and talented young people.   The evening was a great success and the children are to be congratulated for their magnificent art work and the way they engaged in the class and choir performances.  A real sense of joy and community spirit was tangible on the night. 

The school is truly grateful for the generosity of those parents who engaged in the Silent Art Auction.  All money raised from the auction goes to our school library fund which is one of the school’s tax deductible funds, enabling us to provide more resources for your children. 

An event like Art Fusion is a team effort by the staff, with months of planning and preparation to ensure it is a great night for families, so on behalf of our school community I would like to thank the staff for their efforts in helping your child’s talents shine.  The passion, dedication and commitment from our staff ensures that we do things differently here at St Joey’s.  Thanks, everyone and here’s to the next art festival in 2019.

July 19, 2017: Catholic Education Week
Catholic Education Week will be celebrated across Queensland from 23 - 29 July this year. This annual event is held to promote the special ethos of Catholic schools and to highlight the great things that take place in Catholic schools every day.

The theme for this year’s celebrations is:  Sharing the Journey.

Catholic education strives to make a difference in the lives of those in our schools and in the wider community by challenging young people to live out the message of Jesus and to reach their full potential as compassionate, contributing, life-giving members of society.

During Catholic Education Week 2017, Catholic education communities across Queensland are invited to celebrate how they are sharing the journey. There are 302 Catholic schools in Queensland that educate around 146,000 students and employ more than 18,500 teachers and staff, and most will celebrate Catholic Education Week in some way.

July 18, 2017: Active School Travel Golden Boot
Last week we were delighted to receive the Active School Travel Golden Boot Award for June.  Out of all schools involved in the Active School Travel program, St Joey's had the greatest percentage of students who used public transport in June.   A big thank you to the Brisbane City Council and Hart Sports for our $100 voucher.  It looks like we've got more super sports equipment coming our way. An especially big thank you must go to all our Public Transport users.  Well done team!!!

June 14, 2017: Parish Feastival this weekend
Everyone is welcome at the Parish Centenary “Feastival” this Sunday - June 18th.  Come along and join in the multi-cultural food feast which follows the 9:30am mass.  It is a great community celebration.

May 31, 2017: Emergency Appeal for Africa
23 million people are currently on the brink of famine in South Sudan and other areas of East Africa and Yemen, including South Sudan, Kenya and Malawi.   Our Year 6 Pastoral Care Ministry is currently considering ways our community can work together to raise funds to help, but you can help immediately.  Your urgent donation will help Caritas Australia deliver life-saving food and water to countries most in need.

To make a donation now, please follow this link:  Donate to Africa

May the Spirit of Jesus fill our hearts so that we reach out generously to those who cannot help themselves.

May 24, 2017: Celebrating Under 8's
While we live in a digital age with an amazing array of digital tools to amuse and entertain us, the natural world stills holds an incredible fascination for us and no more so than in the early years – the under 8 years!

Keeping curiosity and active learning at the heart of learning in the early years’ classroom can be difficult these days with the emphasis placed on more formal reading and writing skills.  Literacy and numeracy development will always be essential aspects of the primary years; however, great early years teachers understand that young children learn best through exploration and play both self-directed and teacher-directed.

It has been a delight to watch the Year 1 & 2 students engage with the mystery box in the Early Years Learning area over the past week.  The excitement has been building for the children as each day unfolds another clue as to the mystery of what’s in the box with their curiosity reaching fever point.   That’s what early years learning is all about. This week the Prep – Year 2 students celebrate Under 8’s Day as they explore learning from “Country to Coast”.  May this special time in their lives, the under 8 years be a time of wonderment and awe at the world around them; and may the adults, their parents and teachers, be positive role models for them.  Together let’s help our young children grow up to be resilient lifelong learners who want to make a difference in the world.   Happy playing, kids!

May 10, 2017: Commonwealth School Funding
There has been a lot of speculation since the announcement by the Federal Government about changes to commonwealth school funding which will impact Catholic schools. I would like to reassure parents that, as explained in a letter from the Minister for Education and Training sent this week to our school, we will not lose funding but instead receive an increase in funding.  As St Joseph’s is a BCE school, funding is received centrally by BCE and distributed to each school; therefore the exact annual amount is still to be determined. This is good news for the implementation of our school initiatives and learning support programs of which we rely on commonwealth funding. 

May 3, 2017: NAPLAN Testing 2017
our Year 3 and 5 students will undertake national testing in Literacy and Numeracy on 9, 10 & 11 May.  Our students have undertaken preparation to ensure they are familiar with this type of standardised testing and can handle more formal test conditions.  How can you help your child to be prepared?

  • foster a positive approach to the test,
  • enable them to get a good night’s sleep,
  • give them a healthy breakfast to start the day  
  • encourage them to do their best. 

We know how much a growth mindset of taking on challenges without fear, not fearing failure and believing effort makes a big difference has a significant impact on student success.  It is so important for us as adults, to model, as well as talk about a growth mindset for our children.  Then they see exactly what it looks like.


April 26, 2017: ANZAC Day Spirit
What a good turn-out for the ANZAC DAY Memorial Service yesterday!  Over forty students from P-6 marched to Memorial Park representing our school with great pride.Special congratulations to our Year 6 students - Jetta Grancourt and Mikayla Galvin who spoke so meaningfully at the service about “What ANZAC Day means for me.”  I was very proud of everyone involved and the way our students commemorated ANZAC Day with our local community.
» ANZAC Liturgy & Commemorations

March 22, 2017: Celebrating Holy Week
We are introducing a new free ap for quicker, hassle-free school payments. As we are becoming a cashless society and the school doesn't carry any cash we are introducing a new school ap called QKR.

Please see the instructions below about how to download it onto your mobile device.
» QKR Payments App

We have set up payments for Marathon Club, House Shirts, Senior Shirts, Bathing Caps and the Year 6 Rite of Passage Celebration Dinner.

March 22, 2017: Celebrating Holy Week
This year, Holy Week will be celebrated in Christian churches while we are on school holidays.  That's okay.  We're just going to celebrate it as a community in our last week of term. We're going to go on a Holy Week Pilgrimage.

Pilgrimages have long been a part of people's faith journeys, as pilgrims travel to strengthen their faith and take time for reflection and prayer in places that are important to their religious beliefs.  Our aim is to provide opportunity for our community to reflect on Jesus' story more deeply, through prayer and ritual, as we journey on to Easter and beyond.

A sacred space is being set up in Nolan Hall each day from Monday to Thursday.  Classes will have time to visit the sacred space each day to share and reflect on the stories, images, symbols and music of different parts of Holy Week... Palm Sunday; Holy Thursday; Good Friday; Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday.
» Holy Week Parish Timetable   

March 15, 2017: Zone 6 Swimming
Well down to all the children for putting in their best effort and working as a team at the Zone Swimming Carnival.  Our school came fourth overall.  There were so many “good news” stories from the carnival - the way the children behaved and their positive attitude were a credit to themselves, their parents and their school.  A big thank you to Mr Lee for his organisation of the Zone 6 Small Schools Swimming Carnival and to all the St Joseph’s staff who helped on the day – Mrs Bourke, Mrs Woods and Mrs Woodland. 

March 8, 2017: Bullying No Way
Next Friday we will join schools all around Australia in a National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence.  Here at St Joseph's the students and teachers will engage in a variety of activities and discussions in their classrooms.

You can help! For tips on how PARENTS can help prevent and respond to bullying and violence, click here. For online games and activities especially for CHILDREN, click here.


On Friday the 17th March, children are invited to wear orange to school.   Start thinking now about what they can wear.

March 1, 2017: Project Compassion 2017
During the six weeks of Lent we are all challenged to consider how we might renew and refresh our relationship with our God through reflection, prayer and practical acts of giving to others.

At this time each year, the St Joey’s School community strives to make a significant contribution to Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion – an annual fundraising and awareness-raising appeal that aims to help end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity for the world’s poorest people.  This year’s theme is “Love Your Neighbour”.  You might like to click on this web link to see how our small donations can assist the poorest of families. 

March 1, 2017: Swimming Carnvial
Congratulations MacKillop!

Well done to all who were involved in yesterday’s Swimming Carnival.  The MacKillop Team were the overall winners for 2017.  What makes the carnival a meaningful event for me is seeing so many children participating in a positive way by being a great sport, cheering for their team mates, encouraging others, accepting the challenges associated with a swimming competition and facing their fears.

Special thanks to our parent helpers - Ron Grancourt, Catherine Rowe, Nikki Economides, Therese Murdoch, Liesel Higgins, Neil Robertson, Maria Baltazar, Dan Packer, Raechel Goriup, Kristy Patterson & Yunko Dhawan.  We could not have done it without you!  Thank you to the staff, particularly Codey Lee and Kate Campbell for the extra time they have given in the preparation and organization of the event. 

Febrauary 15, 2017: 2017 School Theme
What makes St Joseph’s a strong school community is our firm belief in making Jesus real in our everyday actions - how we show a welcoming, encouraging, saying sorry and thankful presence to others.  An attitude of gratitude for our many blessings makes a huge difference in our lives.  Our community is only as strong as the willingness of every member to look for the good in others, despite all our differences.  

This year our school theme is “Diversity + Unity = Community” to remind us of the strength in the diversity of our school family and the beliefs which hold us together. 

We are united in working together to provide a quality education which meets the needs of our students today, not an education which reflects our past.  The world is a different place and I don’t believe we fully understand the impact it is having on us or our children. 


Recent world events have highlighted some of the fears facing people in a changing world – change that is happening at a pace we find disturbing, impacting on our ability to deal with it and making our feelings of anxiety increase.  Experts tells us to be resilient, which is easier said than done. 

So what can we do?  I resolutely believe in the power of community – a community which works together, listens respectfully to one another, stays calm within the storm, keeps its sense of humour and shows compassion.    A deep belief in the integrity of each person, made in the likeness of God and our willingness to be the face of Jesus to others, despite all that life throws at us definitely makes a difference.  Knowing the loving and forgiving nature of our God encourages us to forgive and show compassion to others. 

Our faith in God is our bedrock – it is what holds us together when sometimes it seems that everything around us is falling apart.  However, our faith needs to be continually nurtured and encouraged and we can do that through our school’s active prayer life and through giving to others rather than always having a “what’s in it for me” attitude.  In these ways we stay more connected to our God and one another.

So let’s celebrate that our diversity and unity equals a strong community.


Febrauary 8, 2017: MacKillop Prayer Time
As we all settle back into school routines, our school prayers help us to feel that we are connected.  In the last week, our student leaders have recommenced our school routine of stopping at 11.45am each day for whole school "Mary MacKillop Prayer Time".


Wherever anybody is in the school, the expectation is that everyone stops for five minutes of contemplative prayer time.  A tone from the school 'bell' alerts us to the start.  Gentle music plays for the duration.  And we each have the chance to simply sit and be.  Teachers support the children to focus in ways that support them at their stage of development... meditation, focusing on a specific object or image, praying in colour... there are all sorts of possibilities.

This term, we are finishing with the following prayer (complete with actions).  

God, I'm a St Joseph's kid.
I'm trying to...
Listen to Your voice;
Do my bit;
Have an attitude of gratitude;
Be a friend maker;
Make room for all;
and forgive hurts.
God, I'm a St Joseph's kid.
I follow in the footsteps of St Joseph and
St Mary of the Cross
and I want to love you as they did.

February 1, 2017: Active School Travel - We're in!
This year, our school has been selected as one of 17 new schools joining Brisbane City Council’s Active School Travel (AST) program.

Active School Travel promotes clean and green, active and healthy school travel modes such as walking, cycling, carpooling and public transport. Over the next three years, our school will receive a range of free resources, tools, incursions to enable active travel to and from school. By leaving your car at home, at least one day a week on our active travel day, we can reduce traffic congestion at the school gate, improve our students’ road safety awareness, create a cleaner environment, and improve our health and fitness!

The AST Crew will visit our school assembly to launch the Active School Travel program very soon. We strongly encourage you to be part of this great initiative to change our school environment and culture.

Start thinking how you can use your car less travelling to and from school this year.  Parent volunteers to support this program are needed.  Can you spare a few minutes to walk with the children to school?

January 24, 2016:
Welcome to the 2017 School Year

Greetings one and all! And a hearty welcome to all the new members of our St Joseph’s School community. We look forward to another wonderful year.

Our school website is updated weekly. We hope you find it a useful source of information about our school community. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our school office.