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Food for thought:
Come Lord Jesus and bring joy and laughter among us.
Come with the music of eternity
and the songs of the earth.
Come among us
and make us truly grateful
for your birth and your love.

November 24, 2016: Advent Adventure
All primary school aged children are invited to Advent Adventures to be held on Thursday 15 December from 9am-3pm at Nolan Hall, Leslie St, Nundah. It will be an exciting day of fun activities – craft, bible stories, songs, prayer, drama, plays and games all based on some of the stories from the Advent season. Morning tea and lunch will be provided. The cost for the day is $ 5 per child. If you are coming, please let us know by Monday 12 December Please contact Angela Greathead for further details and for a registration form sc.nundah@bne.catholic.net.au We also need high school students and adults to assist us with the variety of activities planned for this day e.g. Registration, Group leaders, Catering (morning tea and lunch), Craft supervisors and Games helpers. If you are able to assist, even for part of the day, please contact the parish office Phone 3266 1444 or Angela sc.nundah@bne.catholic.net.au

November 8, 2016: P&F Christmas Raffle
This week the eldest child in your family will bring home some raffle tickets for you to sell for the P&F’s enormous Christmas Raffle. Tickets cost $1 each and your family will receive 20 tickets. It is important to write the name of the purchaser on each ticket. Otherwise the winner will need to have the ticket with them for the draw. Please return the money and the ticket butts to the school by Friday 25 November 2016. Please also return any unsold tickets. Our prizes are amazing. Here is a sample:


Outdoor Setting donated by Bunnings.

Bike donated by Wayne Swan MP.

Barbecue donated by Tim Nicholls, MP.

Giant Panda Bear.

Plus many other wonderful prizes from our very generous sponsors:

  • Retro expresso on Edinburgh Castle Rd, Wavell Heights.
  • Blow Inn at Hamilton Harbour shops.
  • The Royal Hotel at Nundah.
  • The Block House, 130 Ryans Rd, Nundah.
  • Fuel & Co, 190 Buckland Rd, Nundah.
  • Golf Central, Brisbane Airport Skygate Precinct.

November 8, 2016: 2017 P&F Executive
I would like to acknowledge and thank those wonderful parents who continue to give of their time to support our school.  I look forward to working together with the 2017 P&F Committee knowing it will be a positive and productive partnership. 

Congratulations to Jason Waters (President); Angela Lubans (Vice President); Tba (Secretary); Marina Ransom (Treasurer); Sharni Peach, Delyse Ryan & Kylie Taylor (Fundraising); Sarah Mahon, Helen Parker & Raechel Goriup (Events); Sharon Tong-Storor (Tuckshop Coordinator)

October 26 2016, 2016: Netball Primary Schools Cup Competition
Over the long weekend, our Middle School Netball teams competed in the Samsung NPSC competition at Ipswich.  There were over 1000 students making up 100 teams from schools all over Queensland, with some teams from as far north as Townsville. It was a fabulous weekend and our teams did themselves proud, finishing Saturday with a win and a draw.  Sunday saw us at our best with improved passing, great defence and some very intercepts.  It is fair to say that all our players gave 100 percent and some even more if that is possible.   Congratulations to our Player’s Players -  Nisha and Jess.  These girls were selected for their sportsmanship, encouragement and consistency throughout the weekend.

October 26 2016, 2016: 2017 Class Grouping
As many of you would be aware, at the September P&F Meeting I explained our plans for the school’s learning environment and class groupings to support 21st Century learners.  After considerable discernment by the school leadership team and teachers as to the best possible class groupings for next year, our decision is to have one Prep class, three multi-age Year 1/2 classes, two multi-age Year 3/4 classes and two Year 5/6 classes (Middle School).  Our teachers are keen to embrace the multi-age philosophy of learning across the whole school because of the opportunity for teacher collaboration, a major influence on student achievement. 
» Full article available in the newsletter 

October 19 2016, 2016: Sock It to Poverty - Mission Day
We celebrate Children’s Mission Day on Friday this week.  This is another great opportunity for our students to develop a sense of social justice and a spirit of generosity and gratefulness and know that their actions can make a difference in our world.  As Catholics, we are called to build a better world for all.  Helping our students understand that poverty, oppression and injustice make it impossible for people to live a life of freedom and dignity is an important part of our school’s mission.

We have much to be grateful for here in Australia and we can at times take it all for granted as our right and entitlement.  No wonder so many people from strife-torn countries want those same opportunities for their own family.  Australia is truly a blessed country. 

I ask all families to please support our Catholic Missions fundraising efforts by helping the children engage in Crazy Sock Day and Coin Line.  Children can wear crazy socks and make a gold coin donation as well as bringing along as many coins as possible for the coin line.  Their challenge is to see which team – MacKillop or Penola has the longest line of coins. 

May we be just and generous as we give to those in need.   

October 12 2016, 2016: P&F Association
Thank you to those who attended our P&F Meeting last night.  Next month is the Annual General Meeting of the P&F Association when positions on the P&F Executive are vacated.  Nomination forms for the Executive Positions will be available soon.  Our P&F Association has always been a wonderful advocate and supporter of the school.  I would like the parent body to consider who would be suitable candidates for these positions.  The P&F Association offers parents the opportunity to make a real difference in our school community with their efforts benefitting all students. 

September 15 2016, 2016: Nundah Village Festival
It was good to see many families enjoying the great weather and community spirit on Sunday at the Nundah Village Street Festival.  Thank you to all those parents and students who gave time to help at the P&F’s Lob-a-Choc Stall, special thanks to the Beeney family for their efforts in organizing the stall on behalf of the P&F.  Thanks also to the staff who gave generously of their time at the school promotional stand.

September 8 2016, 2016: Saint Teresa of Calcutta
It is rather fitting that in this “Year of Mercy” Mother Teresa was declared a saint and she will now be known as Saint Teresa of Calcutta.  Her whole being was focused on bringing dignity and compassion for the poorest of the poor left to die on the streets of Calcutta.  In a world that is hard and cynical, she showed that great things can be achieved wherever there is great love.  Just as Mother Teresa’s faith was expressed in simple acts of compassion, we too can make Jesus real in our world in the small gestures of welcome and encouragement; gratitude and forgiveness.  In the words of Mother Teresa, “Never let anyone come to you without coming away better and happier.”  May St Teresa of Calcutta pray with us.

August 25, 2016: Zone 6 Athletics Carnival
We were all so proud of our Zone 6 athletes. They competed in the true spirit of St Joseph's, loudly cheering on competitors from other schools as well as each other; demonstrating respect for others and appreciation of the opportunities presented.

Well done team!

August 18, 2016: St Joseph's Got Talent
Yes! It’s that time of year when our fabulous students move, groove, sing, dance and act; sharing their talents with the school community.  Nomination forms are still available from teachers but the final day for entries is this Friday morning, 19th August.  Sorry, no late entries can be accepted.

As last year’s show went for nearly three hours, a decision was made to hold heats in Nolan Hall during   Tuesday and Thursday lunch times in Weeks 7, 8 and 9. All performers will be given a note this Friday stating when their particular heat is on. 

With teacher support we will select the best acts from each Year level for the finals to be held on Thursday 15th September, starting at 11.30am.  Finalists will be announced at the end of Week 9 so that they can fine-tune their acts for the big performance.

Please note, this year we are also asking for a gold coin donation from each participating student to help raise funds for charity.  Donations can be given to the class teacher in a named envelope at any time before the finals. We are really looking forward to some fantastic performances!

August 11, 2016: Make Mary Matter
What an impact Mary MacKillop has had on our world! She touched the lives of so many people during her own life-time and her influence today is far and wide. This year, as we celebrate our school Centenary and the Sesquicentenary (150 years) of the Josephite Sisters, we wanted to reignite her story in the hearts and minds of our school community.

Mary MacKillop had a dream to make a difference - to open humble and modest schools where everyone belonged and there was no class distinction. She understood the importance of offering refuge to the most neglected in our society and of bringing practical help to families.

Our school community carries on that dream of an inclusive school where everyone belongs in the small acts of kindness undertaken each day. Never underestimate the power of a smile, a greeting, a thank you or the offer of a helping hand.

August 4, 2016: Athletics Carnival
It was another excellent day on the sporting field for our students on Tuesday. Well done to all involved in the School Athletics Carnival and to quote the words of one of our Preppies – “a fantastic day!” It was a close finish in the race towards being the 2016 winners and our congratulations go to the MacKillop Team. Penola won the Team Spirit Trophy.

Well done to all students for showing great sportsmanship, giving their best, congratulating and encouraging one another to have a go, working as a team and continuing to show lots of persistence and resilience.

Thank you to the staff for their efforts in ensuring the day ran smoothly. Well done especially to Codey Lee, Kate Cross and Kate Campbell for the preparation and coordination of the carnival.

Our sincerest gratitude goes to those wonderful parents and grandparents who come and support our Athletics Carnival – those who help set up, judge races, help supervise class events with the teachers, man the long jump pit and pack up at the end of the day. Thank you - we could not have done it without you.

July 19, 2016: Catholic Education Week
Catholic Education Week will be celebrated across Queensland this week. It is an annual event held to promote the special ethos of Catholic schools and to highlight the great things that take place in Catholic schools every day.

The theme for this year’s celebrations is: Opening Doors in the Year of Mercy.

Catholic education strives to make a difference in the lives of those in our schools and in the wider community by challenging young people to live out the message of Jesus and to reach their full potential as compassionate, contributing, life-giving members of society.

During Catholic Education Week 2016, Catholic education communities across Queensland are invited to celebrate and share how they are opening doors for others.

There are 300 Catholic schools in Queensland that educate around 147,000 students and employ 19,000 teachers and staff, and most will celebrate Catholic Education Week in some way.

Our school has organised the Michael Mangan Concert and School Disco as part of this year's celebrations.

June 22, 2016: Mary MacKillop College says "Happy Centenary"
As a special treat for the staff of St Joseph's School in our Centenary year, the staff and students of Mary MacKillop College organised (and prepared) a sumptuous feast. It was VERY well received!

As a bonus surprise, Principal Mrs Christine Clarke presented a special gift... a beautifully framed, hand-made bronze sculpture of the Holy Family that she brought back all the way from Lourdes for us. It will be hung in our Josephite Learning Centre soon.

June 9, 2016: Under 8's Day

As part of Under 8’s Day last week, our school was privileged to have Barefoot Nature Play involved in the day, providing unstructured play opportunities for our students through the use of scrap and recyclable materials. The children’s creativity was in abundance as they balanced on ropes, created tunnels and tracks with cardboard tubing and pvc pipes to roll and bounce balls. With the simple materials available, their imagination was unstoppable.

Sally Armitage, a parent in our school, has been promoting Barefoot Nature Play for a while in our school newsletters. They are a great holiday program for kids. The Barefoot Nature Play team was here for our Centenary Day watching the kids enjoy the endless possibilities of unstructured play. Now thanks to Sally, our school will be part of a pilot program of providing “Barefoot Boxes” in schools to support imaginative and creative play.

Why is unstructured imaginative play so important for children’s learning? Playtime for children is not just about having fun but essential to help generate a rapidly developing brain. Unstructured play away from TVs, iPads and computers allows for the development of creativity, innovation and problem solving – those fundamental skills needed for an unknown future.

June 2, 2016: Parish "Feastival"
Congratulations to everyone involved in the Parish Centenary celebrations last Sunday. It was a spectacular Brisbane May morning when Corpus Christi Church filled to over-flowing with parishioners and visitors raising their voices in praise and thanksgiving. Archbishop Mark Coleridge and Fr Bernie (along with seven other visiting priests) led the enthusiastic community and even presented three special papal blessings (including ours!). Later, after some formal presentations (including thanks, cutting of cake, drawing of raffle and historical display and collection of oral stories), participants enjoyed a “feastival” of multicultural food, dance and music. A special thanks to all those who helped make the celebrations a success.

May 3, 2016: A wonderful celebration
Nothing could dampen the spirits of those who attended our Centenary Celebration day, not even the rain. It was a testament to the joyous and indefatigable St Joey's school spirit. While we, adults, may be averse to being in the rain, the children had an absolute ball.

We have received many accolades about our celebration day, from the beautiful mass to the brilliant historical display, classroom displays and the fabulous community spirit so evident. A day like Sunday could not have taken place without many hours of planning, preparation and hard work. My deepest gratitude goes to the numerous people who helped make our Centenary Celebration day one we will always remember.

April 21, 2016: ANZAC Day Service
As a school community we will join with our local community to participate in the Anzac Day commemorative service organised by the Nundah Northgate RSL on Monday morning, April 25 2016.

Our students will gather as a school group in our Church car park around 8.15am and march with other local community groups down Bage Street before entering Memorial Park. Students attending should wear their formal school uniform and school hat. Our students will be singing a special Anzac song at the ceremony along with local schools. I hope you can join us .

April 14, 2016: Centenary Wall Mural
Congratulations to Anna Maria Antonini, our Visual Arts Teacher on the creation of the centenary mural highlighting both her and her students’ artistic talent. Come and see how your old CDs have been used so creatively to make a stunning wall mural.

March 24, 2016: Zone 6 Swimming - First Place
Our Zone Swimming Team was very excited by their win of the Percentage Trophy at last week’s carnival.

The aggregate points, in which we came second, are divided by the number of students in the school and St Joseph’s came first place. Well down to all the children for putting in their best effort and working as a team. Teamwork certainly made the dream work on Friday. A big thank you to Mr Lee and Mrs Cross for their organisation of the Zone 6 Small Schools Swimming Carnival and to all the St Joseph’s staff who helped on the day – Mrs Bourke, Mrs Woods and Mrs Woodland. A fantastic effort by all!

March 18, 2016: Enrolments for Prep 2017
We are currently processing enrolments for Prep 2017. Children born 1 July 2011 to 30th June 2012 are eligible to start school next year.

Current families who have a sibling starting Prep in 2017 year need to send in all documentation to the school office by the end of March.

Enrolment application forms can be downloaded or by collection from the school office. Should you have any enquiries, please don't hesitate to phone the school office - 3266 2405.

Thank you to those families who have already sent in application forms.

March 18, 2016: Inter-School Chess Competition
The senior chess team participated with great enthusiasm and success in the chess tournament at Nundah State School. They competed against many other school students from the Northside. Team members included Cody Packer, Luigina Castellano, Mikayla Galvin, Sinead Rowe and Macavilli Gallaron. All won a number of their seven games. Macavilli won a ribbon of merit winning 5 out of 7 games, Sinead just missed a ribbon by half a point. Well played all!

March 10, 2016: Swimming Carnival
Congratulations to the Champion Swimming Team - Penola!

Well done to all who were involved in last week's Swimming Carnival. It was a great day for the children. Special thanks must go to our parent helpers - we could not have done it without you and also to the staff, particularly Codey Lee, Kate Cross, and Dominique Bourke for their preparation and organization.

The presentation of Junior, Intermediate and Senior Age Champions will take place after this week's Prayer Assembly on Thursday morning. I hope you can join us.

February 25, 2016: Excellence in Teaching & Learning
One of the major strategies our teaching staff is engaged with this year, to ensure we deliver excellent learning and teaching, is the Literacy & Numeracy Collaborative. The Literacy & Numeracy Collaborative enables us to analyse the impact our teaching has on student progress and achievement.

Our staff has a high level of expertise in supporting literacy and numeracy learning and is strongly committed to professional learning, continually refining our practice in line with what are proven and effective teaching and learning practices.

We see ourselves as lifelong learners and already this year our teachers have participated in professional learning in the areas of Numeracy, Writing and Literacy Monitoring Tools. We will also have the privilege of working with Dr Lyn Sharratt, a professor from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto in coming weeks. A great learning opportunity for us!

February 18, 2016: Project Compassion
During Lent each year, the St Joey’s School community strives to make a significant contribution to Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion – an annual fundraising and awareness-raising appeal that aims to help end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity for the world’s poorest people.

This year’s theme is “Learning More – Creating Change”. You might like to click on the Web link below to see how our small donations can make a big difference to the quality of life for the poorest of families.

Take a look at how your donations to Project Compassion can make a life-changing difference in the lives of those who really need assistance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xbGfmVfV_g

Please donate to Project Compassion 2016 and help people in remote areas of Malawi harness their strengths and pave the way towards a thriving future.

February 18, 2016: Centenary Collection

February 11, 2016: Pancake Breakfast
Being a welcoming community is an important aspect of St Joey’s and thanks to the efforts of our P&F Events Coordinators, Helen Parker, Sarah Mahon and Rachael Goriup and their fabulous band of helpers, the P&F Welcome Pancake Breakfast was a great success and enjoyed by many.

A lovely way to end the feast before the famine of Lent!

February 4, 2016:
Welcome to our Centenary School Year

Greetings one and all! And a hearty welcome to all the new members of our St Joseph’s School community, in this, the 100th year of our school. 2016 is set to be a special year for all of us as we celebrate our heritage, our history and our present, and look with hope to the future. The staff began the school year with a pilgrimage to Mary MacKillop Place in Sydney, to reconnect with our beginnings. The children have started working with their teachers to learn more about where our school started from. As the term progresses you will hear them talking about Mary MacKillop and the Sisters of St Joseph and the development of the school within the Nundah area. If you or someone you know has any stories or memorabilia that can help us learn more about the school’s history, please get in touch via our staff, our centenary email address (stjosnundah100@bne.catholic.edu.au) or our Facebook page (St Joseph’s, Nundah – Centenary Page). We celebrate the commencement of our centenary year with a whole school mass at 9am in Corpus Christi Church this Friday. Everyone is welcome to join us. Spread the word!