Mission and Values

​Mission Statement

The Mission of St Joseph’s School community, Nundah is to enhance the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, physical and aesthetic development of each child.

We are called to accomplish this in the context of a caring Catholic-Christian community. Therefore, we must facilitate the development of attitudes and behaviour that will build up this sense of community.

Our Values


  • The children, parents and staff develop a mutual respect and concern for one another through a sense of belonging to the community group.

Quality Education

  • St Joseph’s school community aims to provide opportunities for the full growth and development of each child and continually strives to help each one reach his/her full potential. In Religious Education we aim to give the children knowledge of the Catholic faith – nurture this faith and encourage them to integrate their faith with their everyday life.

Witness to Faith

  • The school community endeavours to live out gospel values in an authentic manner.​


  • We aim to develop sensitivity to the real needs of all individuals and respond to these needs with love and concern. We witness to Christ by our bonds of concern and our service to those in need.


  • We strive to impart to each child a sense of self-worth and a respect for others, their abilities and property.


  • We aim to maintain a happy, friendly atmosphere at St Joseph’s and ensure everyone feels welcome here.


  • We strive to develop the Christian virtue of justice by encouraging social awareness, respecting the dignity of others and providing for the needs of various groups. We will constantly reflect on the school’s processes and practices in the light of this virtue.

Shared Ministry

  • Each group in the school community accepts its shared responsibility in this mission of the school.​