School Procedures (FAQ's)

Please select from the list below to view answers to some frequently asked questions about school procedures:


The school assembles each morning at 8.45am to share achievements and important reminders. Our Year Sixes lead the Monday morning assembly with the national anthem, school motto & prayer, and playground awards.

Whole school Prayer Assemblies are held each Thursday at 9.00am. Each class has a number of opportunities throughout the year to lead these Prayer Assemblies. Birthdays and Student of the Week Awards are also given out at this time. We welcome parents and grandparents to all our assemblies. Please check your weekly newsletter for assembly details.


Behaviour Support Policy

St Joseph’s School Behaviour Policy aims to foster the ability to make right choices and the development of self-discipline in each child. At the beginning of each year, each class, Years P – 6, develops a class covenant to promote the behaviours, which are required in a happy, safe, learning environment. Children are made aware of their responsibility for their own actions and the consequences of their actions.

Inappropriate behaviour (or wrong/poor choices) is dealt with by collaboratively developed consequences based on the gradual isolation system. Parents are involved in behaviour management situations that move beyond the classroom situation. aged to attend Prayer Assemblies held at 8.40am on Wednesday.

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The complete book list for the following year is available in October. Parents are asked to mark off their child’s requirements and return the book order to the school office. All book orders are on a prepaid only basis. Book orders are made up and ready for collection in the final week of Term 4.

Prep students at St Joseph’s are not required to have a booklist. Instead a Prep resource levy of $50.00 per child per term will be required to be paid.



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At St Joseph’s homework is viewed as an important part of the learning process. Homework which is relevant to the teaching and learning that is taking place in the school and which is appropriate to the ability of the learner assists and supports the learning process.

The Homework Grid is used by teachers to cater for a range of learning styles and student interests.



The school is insured through Catholic Church Insurances. Coverage is via a Public Liability, Contents and Building Insurance. Each child is insured when participating in school related activities.


Lost Property

Lost property is located in a Lost Property Bin in the corridor of The Josephite Learning Centre (Yrs 1-6 classroom block). Parents are asked to label their child’s possessions, especially hats, clothing and lunchboxes.


Medical / Health Issues

The safety of the children in our care is important to us. Our policies and procedures are focussed on providing a safe environment in which the children can learn and develop.

For a child to receive any type of medication at school, an authority form needs to be completed by the parent/caregiver. These forms are available from the office. A doctor’s certificate or directions or prescription label on the bottle or container is also required. All medication is distributed from the office. Please note: Panadol, aspirin, cough mixtures without a chemist’s label etc cannot be administered by any staff member.

If children are sick or injured at school the class teacher sends them to the Health Room. First Aid may be given and the child’s condition monitored. If further attention is required the child’s parent/caregiver is then contacted.

NB: It is important that a number of emergency contacts are listed with the school office in the event that the primary carer is unable to be reached.

Making sure that your child has some idea of a parent’s whereabouts each day assists the school in case of an accident or sickness at school.

A sun-safe policy is observed at St Joseph’s. The ‘NO HAT, NO PLAY’ school rule applies at all times. School hats are compulsory and available from our uniform supplier, Lowes at Centro Toombul. The school insists that children bring their school hat to school every day and wear it when working/playing outside. Parents should encourage children to wear their hat to and from school.


Money Collection

All money must be placed in an envelope clearly marked with student’s name, amount and purpose for payment and handed in to the school office or to the class teacher at the beginning of the school day. Children should not keep money in their bags during the day.


Outside Hours School Care

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Parents & Friends Association

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Parent Involvement

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Parking - Drop off / Pick Up Procedures

  • All children arriving by car in the morning will enter the school via the new stairs or ramp between the Josephite Learning Centre and the new Sports Centre.
  • Children walking to school via Bage St will use the pathway between the Church and the Sisters of St Joseph Hostel. No children should be in the car park without an adult.
  • Parents are welcome to Drop Off students by stopping adjacent to the planter boxes outside the Sports Centre and allowing students to alight from the vehicle there. (Line markings will be added at a later date)
  • Children walking to school via Leslie St will use the front stairs. No children should enter or exit the school via the staff car park.
  • In the afternoon, children will wait for their parents or carers outside the Sports Centre. The area adjacent to the Planter Boxes will become a Drive Thru Zone and the children can gain direct, safe access to their cars. Parents are requested not to park here thus allowing the Drive Thru procedure to take place.
  • Children walking home are to use the pathway between the Church and Sisters of St Joseph Hostel to gain access to Bage St.
  • All children will be picked up from the Sports Centre and there will be no Pickup from Leslie St.
  • We ask all parents to be mindful of the No Standing Zone at the front of the school in Leslie St. This area is not for parking.


Prep Program

» See Early Years Curriculum


School Fees and Levies

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School Hours

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School Uniforms

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Student Information Records

The office requires detailed up-to-date student information in case of emergency. Forms are issued each year. Please complete and return promptly. Any change throughout the year to your address, phone number, medical information and family circumstances should be notified to the office, preferably in writing.



Your child's safety is our concern. Playground supervision is provided during lunch and afternoon tea breaks, at the commencement of the school day beginning at 8.30am and in the afternoon for pick up until 3.15pm.


Visitors Policy

All visitors, during school hours (including parents and guardians) must report to the school office on arrival and sign the attendance register and attach a visitor’s identification badge. This is a mandatory requirement for all schools.



Volunteers are very welcome at St Joseph’s. Through involvement in classroom help, library, PMP, craft, tuck-shop and other volunteer roles, your assistance enhances the quality of teaching and learning that we provide.

All volunteers must be trained in Student protection and Safety protocols before they can lend their skills and services within the school community. Brisbane Catholic Education has developed a training package to help facilitate this process.

This package includes:

  • Volunteer Student Protection Handbook
  • Volunteer Code of Conduct
  • Volunteer Suitability Declaration

As a volunteer, you are required to read the handbook and sign the appropriate pages, and return the forms to the school office. Your name will then be added to a central St Joseph’s volunteer register. Before continuing in your volunteer capacity, you must comply with the legislative requirement. Please ensure you download the Student Protection Training Package mentioned above or request one to be sent home to you.

All volunteers must sign in and out of the school office when working in the school. An attendance register is located in the office, along with volunteer labels.

Non-Parent Volunteers (this includes grandparents of school students)

All non-parent volunteers at our school must also undergo employment screening and receive a Positive Notice Blue Card for Volunteers. This positive notice is now an essential requirement, under the Queensland Legislation, before volunteering can occur for you within our school.

Along with this card, you must undergo the Student Protection training mentioned above and complete the various documents to ensure you and the school complies with the requirements for Volunteers regarding Student Protection under current legislation.


Workplace Health & Safety

Workplace Health and Safety is an integral part of our environment and we work hard to ensure that our school is a safe environment for our students, staff and parents. St Joseph’s complies with all the workplace Health and Safety requirements of legislation and Brisbane Catholic Education. The school has policies in place in regards to safety issues and the school environment is regularly inspected to ensure all safety issues are addresses. Staff, parents and students are encouraged to communicate with the Workplace and Safety Committee any issues that may arise and if additional policies are required.