Parent Communication

This is the most important aspect in the establishment of the home/school partnership. It is essential to good communication that both the school and home inform each other fully of the happenings that affect both groups. We welcome any information parents can provide that will help us better understand and work with your children. It is particularly helpful to share any problems evident at home that may be affecting a child’s performance or behaviour at school.

To meet with the class teacher, other members of staff or a member of the administration team, please phone the office to arrange a mutually convenient time and provide details of the reason for the interview.

Parent Information Evenings
Parent Information Evenings are held at the beginning of the school year. These sessions are a chance to meet your child’s class teacher and to be briefed on classroom procedures and the curriculum program for the year. Other Parent Information sessions are conducted as the need arises throughout the year to provide relevant information in areas such as Literacy, Numeracy, Student Well-being and the Parish Sacramental Program.

Student Absences
It is extremely important that the school is informed of the movement of students during the school day. As a result, we would appreciate:

  • a note or a phone call to the school at the beginning of the child’s absenteeism, giving the reason.
  • a note (signed by parent or known care-giver) or a phone call to indicate any change to the school daily routine e.g. leaving school early, being picked up by someone other than the person in the usual arrangement, arriving at school late, attending an appointment during school hours. No note or phone call indicates that the student is following the usual school timetable and routine.
  • If a child is required to leave the school grounds during the day a note should be written to the class teacher explaining the reason. Any person collecting children from school at times other than 3.00pm must contact the office. The class teacher will be contacted and the child will be sent from the classroom with their bag to meet the person collecting them at the office. When the child is collected, the parent/caregiver is required to sign the student absences register at the office.
  • If a child arrives after the school day has commenced, the parent or caregiver is required to sign the child in at the school office. Please support these security measures.

School Newsletter
Our school newsletter provides important communication to parents about happenings at school, activities, projects and items of interest. It is distributed weekly to families via the eldest child on Wednesday. We ask parents to read, understand and attend to relevant articles in this document.

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Phone Calls
At times parents may wish to speak with the class teacher or want to give a message to their child. Our school secretary will take messages when necessary. Your child’s teacher will reply at an appropriate time outside class times and playground duty times.