Religious Education

St Joseph’s School encourages and supports both the religious education and faith journey of all its students and of all members of the community, in all areas of school life.

We provide a comprehensive Religious Education Program drawn from the Archdiocese of Brisbane Religious Education Curriculum that focuses on:

  • our need to learn about religion - in particular our Roman Catholic tradition, and about other religious traditions in society (Religion Curriculum).
  • our need to grow in and to express ourselves in our own faith tradition, while respecting other traditions (Religious Life of the School).

Religion Curriculum
The four strands of the Religion Curriculum (Sacred Texts, Beliefs, Church and Christian Life) are interrelated and their content is taught in an integrated way with the aim of developing our learners’ religious literacy so that all may participate critically and effectively as life-long learners within our faith communities and in society.

The attached overviews provide the focus of Religion Curriculum units for each year level for the year. Teachers will inform parents and carers which particular unit(s) will be focused on each term through the Term Overview which is distributed at the commencement of each school term.

Religious Life of the School
The four components of the Religious Life of the School (Religious Identity and Culture; Evangelisation and Faith Formation; Prayer and Worship; and Social Action and Justice) are mutually reinforcing but distinctive aspects of the living faith of St Joseph’s School. Our aim is to provide opportunities for each child to develop a close personal relationship with God.

Religious Identity and Culture
From the first time you step into St Joseph’s School at Nundah you will feel and see something special. We nurture faith and spiritual development in a Catholic Christian environment steeped in the unique Australian spirituality of Mary MacKillop. With the support of our talented Visual Arts teacher, Mrs Antonini, students have created meaningful and beautiful artworks and icons to capture the spirit of our Catholic Christian tradition.

Evangelisation and Faith Formation
St Joseph’s School operates in a rapidly changing, complex, global world. Our school RE program seeks to reflect a Catholic Christian worldview that integrates faith, life and culture in this contemporary and multi-faith context. St Joseph’s is a place where students and their families encounter the mission and outreach of the church especially through pastoral care and the experience of Catholic Christian community grounded in the charism of the Sisters of St Joseph. Believing in and trying to imitate the charism of Mary MacKillop helps us to aim to be living witnesses to the gospel within our community and beyond.

Prayer and Worship
Prayer and worship are extremely important to our school community. The development of a culture of prayer at St Joseph’s is achieved through daily prayer in classrooms, daily school gatherings and weekly prayer assemblies. Staff take the opportunity to join together in prayer each Wednesday morning. Students are encouraged to participate in and experience a variety of prayer forms including traditional and informal styles. Each term, classes will have a turn to join with the parish community to celebrate Eucharist at the 9.00am Friday mass. Special feast days and liturgical seasons are celebrated at our school. Parents are encouraged to join with the children in celebrating these special events and times in the Church year, including such as: Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, St Joseph’s Day, Pentecost, the Feast of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, Catholic Education Week, Mission Week and Advent.

Social Action and Justice
At St Joseph’s school we promote social action and justice both within and beyond the school community. Following in the footsteps of St Mary of the Cross, we aim to “never see a need without doing something about it.” Recognising the needs of those in our families, school, local and wider communities, students, families and staff are encouraged to act for justice.

With the support of staff and families, student leaders and classes lead social justice action within our community in response to needs. Fundraising and awareness raising activities are held across the year and may support Project Compassion, Catholic Missions, the Annual Catholic Campaign, disaster appeals, St Vincent de Paul projects, community outreach, the Mary MacKillop Foundation, the Indigenous Literacy Project and/or other projects.

“Remember we are but travellers here. Trust in God and I leave you in St Joseph’s care”
“Never see a need without doing something about it.”

Mary MacKillop 1842 – 1909

Parents are the first and most important educators of their children (Declaration on Christian Education, 1968, Vatican II) and it is within the faith development of family and home that children come to a deeper realisation and practice of their faith. The Banyo/Nundah Parish sacramental programs for Penance, First Eucharist and Confirmation are supported through our school’s Religious Education Program. The liturgical celebrations for each of these sacraments are celebrated within the Banyo-Nundah Parish. Each year parents are notified through letters and the school newsletter regarding sacramental preparation times and dates.