Key Learning Areas

Nine Key Learning Areas form the basis of a holistic curriculum at St Joseph’s with a clear focus on demonstrating learning outcomes that identify what students know and can do.

These Key Learning Areas (KLAs) have their foundation in the Early Learning Areas of Prep.

The following table shows the links made between these areas of the curriculum.

Early Learning Areas

Specific focus within the early learning areas

Key Learning Areas
(Years 1-7)

Social & personal learning

Social Learning

Personal Learning

Studies of society & Environment (SOSE)
Health & Physical Education (HPE)

Health & physical learning

Making healthy choices

Gross Motor skills

Fine Motor skills

Health & Physical Education (HPE)

Language learning & communication

Oral language

Early Literacy


Cultural Literacy & Languages

Early Mathematical understandings

Early Numeracy


Active learning processes



Imagining & Responding


Studies of society & Environment (SOSE)


The Arts

Religious Education

Connections are made to all the early learning areas

Religious Education

As part of a unit of work in the classroom, teachers may organise an excursion to provide real-life experience for students. Families are informed in advance of such events. All associated costs are included in the school fees. It is St Joseph’s policy that any bus used for excursions must be “seat belted” if the bus travels outside a 60km/h zone. Physical Education/Sport and Music activities may include some trips to venues away from the school. Parent helpers are sometimes required for excursions and the teachers organise this with the administration’s approval.

Outdoor Education Program
A school outdoor education program exists for students in Years Six and Seven. These groups are usually away from home for 2 nights, under teacher supervision. Usually each year a different venue is selected to meet the specific needs of students at these levels. Information regarding the camping program is released early each school year. These camps are an important part of the social and emotional learning for our students.