Assessment and Reporting

Assessment and reporting are vital components of the teaching and learning process at St Joseph’s. Assessment of the student’s demonstration of outcomes in all Key Learning Areas is continuous throughout the year so that students and teachers are aware of progress being made. This ensures that the appropriate teaching and learning strategies and learning experiences are in place to improve student learning.

Reporting a child’s progress to parents is an important role of the class teacher. A Parent Information Evening is held at the beginning of each year. Teachers explain class routines and provide general information about the year’s programme.

Parent/Teacher interviews are conducted at the end of Term 1 to discuss student progress. Student portfolios containing samples of work, individual progress reports and interview are all used by teachers to communicate the progress of each student. Parents are encouraged to make contact with the class teacher to arrange appointments for interviews.

The school reports officially to parents and caregivers at the end of each semester:

  • June/July – end Semester 1
  • December – end Semester 2