Student Protection Information


BCEC guidelines and policy are the protocol followed by our school.

Our Student Protectio​n Contacts are:

  • Ms Kerry Latimer - Principal
  • Mrs Jenny Davissen - APRE
  • Mrs Keira Roffey-Mitchell - Guidance Counsellor ​​

Stu​​​dent Protection Processes

Recent amendments to legislation have led to changes in Brisbane Catholic Education’s Student Protection Processes. For a full description of these changes, please follow the above link to Brisbane Catholic Education’s website. A hard copy of this information can also be found at the front desk of the school administration office.


All parents and community members participating at the school in a volunteer capacity are required to complete student protection online training and familiarise themselves with the Volunteer Code of Conduct.

Please visit Brisbane Catholic Education's website to access and co​mplete the mandatory online training.  Further information can be obtained by contacting the school office.

Do I require a Blue Card to volunteer at Star of the Sea School​? ​

Please visit the Commission's website at (Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian).

Student Pro​​tection Contacts

At St Joseph's School there are 3 Student Protection Contacts on staff. These contacts are listed above. Students, parents and staff can approach Student Protection Contacts individually with concerns about the safety of students, and these particular staff members will then follow the necessary processes in response to the concerns raised. This may include a concern about the behaviour of a staff member that a student considers to be inappropriate.